'Baby and Pet Labrador Play Tug-of-War with a Slipper'

‘This adorable clip features a pet dog and infant trying to one-up each other. Carla Mugica’s pet labrador, Mocca, and her 9-month-old son, Liam are shown slugging it out to gain control of a slipper. At first, the dog takes it with ease, causing the kid to start crying. Once Mocca puts the slipper down, Liam doesn’t waste any time grabbing the footwear and declaring victory by letting out a cute laugh. The filmer wrote: “This is an everyday occurrence between the two of them. As soon as we arrive, the house fills with excitement and the silly tug-of-war games begin. If it’s not the slipper, it’s an empty plastic bottle or a pair of socks.” Name: Carla Mugica Location: San Sebastian, Spain’

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